Saturday, April 9, 2011

saturday morning

seriously, is there anything better than fried eggs for breakfast? am i right?? except it might be better if i also had some fried potatoes. anything fried, really. but at least i had my alterra coffee. i swear this stuff is magical.

i have absolutely nothing to do today. nothing. whenever this happens, i try to come up with some brilliant way to spend my time. i should bust out my water colors! i should organize my closet! i should clean up the kitchen! i should catch up on all those podcasts i haven't listened to! i should finish those three books i'm reading!

and then when the day finally comes to a close, i find that i spent the majority of my day watching tv. what a waste.

so today, the tv is off! ok, so it was on earlier, but it's off now. time to find some trouble/inspiration i can get into.

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