Monday, February 28, 2011

big tuna

today i had a craving for a tuna salad sandwich. just thinking about tuna was making my mouth water. does this happen to anyone else? i can understand your mouth watering for roast chicken or a juicy burger, but tuna?? this is kind of weird for me. i'm not the biggest tuna salad fan. i mean, i like it, but i don't crave it. plus, i think i remember reading somewhere that we shouldn't be eating as much tuna, something about the species is endangered? or mercury levels? or we should be eating wild tuna as opposed to farm raised? did i just make all of this up??

anyway, tuna was calling my name so i dove in.

(ha, get it? dove in? because tuna is a fish and you dive into water..?? i crack myself up.) 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

lovers' carvings

yes, i know this song is in a kindle commercial but i can't stop listening to it. it's so bright and happy. it makes me wish it were summertime and i had a car and i could drive somewhere in the country with the windows rolled down listening to this over and over. the single verse is perfect.

lover's carvings by bibio

lovers' names, carved in walls
overlap, start to merge
some of them underneath
maybe they appear
in graveyards
maybe they fade away
weathered and overgrown
time has told
meaningful hidden words
suddenly appear, from the murk
maybe they're telling us
that the end
never was
never will
the words have gone
but the meaning will never disappear
from the wall

Thursday, February 17, 2011

fifty-eight degrees!

in february! 

i'm not complaining; it's just strange. today, i didn't wear my heavy coat. i didn't wear my snow boots. i didn't wear my hat or gloves. and i didn't miss them. it was wonderful. i'm anxious for spring. 

to celebrate the coming of spring (even though it is still weeks away) how about some pictures of birds?

i took these the day after the great blizzard...with my new camera! you may remember me talking about my sad excuse for a camera. santa claus was nice enough to bring me a nikon coolpix l110. i know it's not uber fancy but it's better than my chunky, old school, FIVE YEAR OLD olympus.

i'm moving up in the world, people.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i promise i'm alive


i apologize for my absence. i've been feeling distracted lately. and i've kinda been busy. and the dog ate my homework. and i'm sure i could come up with more excuses but i'll stop. i've been meaning to spend some time on here. it'll happen. i'm coming 'round.

and, oh yeah, it snowed..

and snowed..

and snowed some more.

so much so that i got a snow day from work.

the great blizzard of 2011 dropped 22" on our fair city.

that's a lot of snow, my friends.
i realize these pictures are about a week and a half late but better late than never. plus now that the snow is finally melting, i kind of miss it. yes, i am one of those crazy people who loves snow.

one of the good things about blizzards and snow days and winter in general is beef stew. i feel like everyone was talking about beef stew the week of the blizzard. bon appetit, epicurious, real simple. aka everyone. how could i not make some?? i followed this stew recipe but i sped up the process so that my total cooking time was about 1 1/2 hours and i completely skipped the oven steps. was that bad? i'm not sure. i guess it technically didn't have enough time to stew but me and my snowed in friends still found it to be satisfactory.

the temperature on friday is supposed to reach 50. 50! i'm going to feel so lost. i don't remember how you're supposed to dress for over temperatures above freezing! 
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