Monday, February 28, 2011

big tuna

today i had a craving for a tuna salad sandwich. just thinking about tuna was making my mouth water. does this happen to anyone else? i can understand your mouth watering for roast chicken or a juicy burger, but tuna?? this is kind of weird for me. i'm not the biggest tuna salad fan. i mean, i like it, but i don't crave it. plus, i think i remember reading somewhere that we shouldn't be eating as much tuna, something about the species is endangered? or mercury levels? or we should be eating wild tuna as opposed to farm raised? did i just make all of this up??

anyway, tuna was calling my name so i dove in.

(ha, get it? dove in? because tuna is a fish and you dive into water..?? i crack myself up.) 

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