Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i was waiting to be struck by lightning, waiting for somebody exciting like you

i'm not exactly sure why i've been out of the loop for so long. (fellow indie music loving friends, i partially blame you.) i've heard of camera obscura for years but it never occurred to me that i should actually give them a good listen. thankfully, as of last saturday, i have been enlightened.

i finally (i guess you could say) discovered this band thanks to a facebook status from a middle school friend. her status had the lyrics to "let's get out of this country." i really liked the lyrics so i did a little google search and, voila! i found my new favorite band. i immediately downloaded their last two albums and have been playing them non stop.

my favorite song, by far, is "french navy." part of the reason i love this song so much is because of the video.

how much do you want to be the girl (or guy, i guess, depending on your sex) in this video?? i want her belted floral dress. i want to run around paris or rome with a bearded dude wearing a turtle neck and a corduroy blazer. i want to train hop from city to gorgeous city at a moment's notice. that's like my dream. for real.

so until that actually happens, i guess i'll just keep listening to some camera obscura, dancing around my room and wishing i would have discovered this band A LOT sooner.

Monday, June 21, 2010

sweet summer time

happy first day of summer.

to celebrate the arrival of this lovely season, i spent a good portion of this past saturday down by the lake, riding my bike (the grey lady), doing some reading and just enjoying the sunshine. i look forward to many more lazy saturdays like this past one.

Friday, June 18, 2010

the beginning, sort of

welcome, dear friends, and thank you for joining me as i officially launch this puppy.

this may be my first official "public" blog, but it is not my first forray into the world of blogging or journaling. for as long as i can remember i've kept a journal. i have stacks and stacks of diaries and journals taking up space in my parents' house. it's kind of ridiculous actually. but i love rereading what i wrote years ago and reliving moments i have completely forgotten about. my journals are so precious to me.

my love of journaling has also spilled over to the cyber universe. i tend to be wordy and my hand-written journal entries were becoming a hassle. in 2004 i started an online journal to keep track of my thoughts and the events of my life. i still use it to keep track of my life.

so why am i starting this particular blog?

i am a very creative person. i am inspired by many things: architecture, design, music, art, food, books, travel, completely random stuff. i wanted to have a space where i could keep track of these things.

hence, this blog.

so again, i say welcome! let the games begin.
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