Sunday, July 11, 2010

things that make me happy: montrose harbor

i try to take my camera with me everywhere i go. i wish i had a fancy canon or nikon, even a holga would be extremely nice. but i have a simple olympus that i got for christmas 5 years ago. (yeah, i did not mistype that: 5 YEARS AGO!) i think it's seriously time for a new digital camera.

anyway, until i am able to get my hands on a pretty new camera, i live with what i've got.

yesterday i went for a bike ride down by the lake. that's my usual answer to "man, i'm bored. i want to do something."

i usually ride past montrose harbor while going north on the bike path. but yesterday i decided to slow down a bit and explore. i'm glad i did.

at the end of montrose harbor is a little piece of land the park district has reserved for native prairie plants. i took some time to walk around and snap some pictures.

i wish i had a garden. i guess i'll have to wait for that one too.

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