Saturday, July 17, 2010

things that are happening right now: slow roasted tomatoes

for the past two years or so i've slowly become obsessed with food blogs.

it all started with molly wyzenberg's lovely orangette. i honestly don't remember how i found molly's blog. a lot of the time i'll be reading one blog, then i'll follow a link featured on the side bar, which then leads to another blog where i follow another link and by the time i realize it i'm 5 blogs from where i originally started.

food blogs are particularly dangerous for me. i want to make almost everything molly or deb or katie posts. but it's not just the recipes that make me want to get in the kitchen, it's the pictures of the finished product that make me want to run to the kitchen and make something. anything. especially when the finished product looks like this.

it really gets my creative juices going. (ha, juices, get it?!)

so last night i decided today would be the day to finally give slow roasted tomatoes a go. besides, what says summer more than tomatoes?

as i type this, i have three tomato halves blistering in the toaster oven. my hot, non air conditioned, garden apartment is even hotter, but it smells like garlic, so i don't mind. plus i have a fan blowing on me, so all is well.

i'll let you know how the tomatoes turn out. i'm still not sure what i'll eat them with. i'll come up with something..


um yeah, these are amazing. i probably should have let them go a little bit longer though. 4 hours wasn't long enough for this size. i need to make these again with cherry tomatoes and put them in pasta. oh how my mouth is watering right now.

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