Friday, April 8, 2011

doughnut attempt no. 1 = failure

we chicagoans take our doughnuts very seriously. i'm not talking about dunkin donuts here. i'm talking about good, old fashioned, hand-crafted doughnuts. there aren't many bakeries in the city that make good doughnuts, so we get excited when a new doughnut place opens up.

the doughnut vault opened on wednesday. hurray! leading up to the opening and the two days since it's been open, i have heard only wonderful things. i've been dying to go. since it's one block from my work, i figured i would leave a tad early this morning to pick up some doughnuts for a nice friday treat. apparently, i wasn't the only one with this brilliant idea.

this was the line at 8:30am. i have to be at work by 9am and i honestly thought i gave myself enough time. i just wanted three doughnuts. i would be in and out and on my way. it seemed like everyone else in front of my was walking away with boxes and boxes of doughnuts. no wonder this line was taking so long! i then started to worry that they might sell out. i've read that they've been making 350 or 400 each morning and that's it.

by 8:55am i was still 6 people away from the blue door. i waited three more minutes and then gave up, ran to work in a huff and sat at my desk pouting for a good five minutes. but then i got my coffee and i felt better.

but hey! i made the doughnut vault's tumblr page! that's me with the maroon umbrella standing under the gilt bar canopy.

and then that's me on the far left, giving up and leaving.

i had a laugh during my 30 minute, rainy wait in line. a car drove past with its windows down and the driver yelled, "it's only doughnuuuts!" he's right, but we really want these doughnuts!

this isn't over, doughtnut vault. someday i will be able to enjoy your fried dough. someday..

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