Tuesday, September 7, 2010

welcome september!

i love september. it's the beginning of my favorite season. it's my birthday month (24th year here i come!). but more importantly, it's the beginning of boots, blazers and scarves. bring it on, september.

this past weekend i had a nice long 4 day mini-vacation at home. it was wonderful. i got to see the fam, i got to share a bed with a certain great dane, i got a couple mosquito bites, i got my caramel apples fix from del's popcorn shop, watched a few episodes of ghost adventures with my sister and i ate a ton of food. my contributions to our mound of food included strawberry scones, a peach and raspberry crumble and strawberry pancakes. it was wonderful. although, my scones weren't as good as i was expecting, but no matter, the weekend was a success.

these pictures are from my train ride from chicago to bloomington. i found it slightly ironic that i happened to be listening to the arcade fire's "the suburbs" album while passing through the suburbs. it wasn't the worst way to spend 2 1/2 hours.

my weekend went by way too fast. can't wait until i see those cornfields again.

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