Thursday, September 9, 2010

grocery shopping finally happened

yesterday i finally went grocery shopping. my pantry was looking very sad. how sad, you ask? tuesday night for dinner i had boiled potatoes seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil, a bowl of peas and 1/3 of a partially stale bagette. it was so depressing. filling, but depressing.

now that my kitchen is (semi) stocked again, i'm excited to try some new things. i plan on making my own bread crumbs with the stale bagette sometime this weekend. there will also be some banana bread action going on. i might have to make some cocoa cookies too. and i'm planning on hitting the green city market on saturday and coming home with some early fall lovelies.

and next week i will make this pasta dish. i'm hungry just thinking about it. i can't wait to get back into the kitchen.

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