Tuesday, August 3, 2010

things that are happening right now: banana bread + arcade fire

i have a tendency to want to use my oven when it's insanely hot out. today is one of those days, or i guess nights, since it is 8:30pm. my non air conditioned apartment is miserable, but i really want to make some banana bread. it's actually more of a need, really. i have 7 ugly, black bananas sitting in my freezer and they need to be put to use.

my usual go-to banana bread recipe comes from orangette. last time i made this i didn't have enough cinnamon so i used 1/2 tsp of cinnamom and 1/2 tsp of ground nutmet and it was delicious! i may have to do that again.

also, i have playing in the background the newest release from arcade fire. please do me a favor and check it out.

seriously. do it. right now. tout de suite..

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