Saturday, August 7, 2010

things i wish i had: a garden

living in the city, green space can be hard to come by (outside of the many wonderous parks and lakefront, of course).when i first moved to chicago i lived in a high-rise in the loop. if i wanted to see some green i had to hike over to millennium park. after 3 years my roommates and i moved up to wrigleyville and enjoyed the second floor of a brownstone that had a front yard AND a backyard. we couldn't necessarily use the lawn space, but it was nice to actually have a lawn.

now, i still live in wrigleyville but i live in a garden apartment. it's nice to have the word "garden" in the title but i still don't actually have one. there are some pretty flowers out front, but once again i am without a nice green space to call my own.

more than anything i want a garden.

i want a place to plant basil and rosemary and coneflowers and daisies and tomatoes and cucumbers..

last saturday while walking back from the farmers market, i wandered through oz park. i could have stayed in the flower garden for hours. i love the combinations of floral plants and mostly green vegetation. i sooo want to be creative outdoors!

my church has asked me to help landscape a barren square next to our building. i can't do much since the spot is mostly shaded, but i'm looking forward to digging in the dirt and smelling like soil for the first time in a long time.

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