Sunday, August 7, 2011

pastries. plural.

i've been in a french mood since friday and i don't foresee it leaving any time soon.

it started when an old, adorable french man came into my work. i greeted him and he just smiled, didn't say anything. after about 10 minutes of looking around the showroom he pointed to a catalogue and asked "to take?" i said, "yes, of course. let me know if you have any questions." he looked at me, confused, and then said, "i'm french.. no know english.." my heart lurched. the perfect opportunity to practice my french!

...and my mind went blank. i couldn't even remember how to say "you're welcome." in my mind i was saying, "de rien? that's french, right? but would that be too informal for this occasion? what is the formal way? is there a formal way?? gah, why can i only remember italian right now!"

i tried my best but i ended up getting frustrated and stuck to english. dang. i hate how my mind goes to mush when it comes to foreign languages. especially french, the language i adore! and actually studied! it's only now i remember "avec plaisir"! zut alors, indeed..

i had to work yesterday. this is not normal for me but i decided to make the most of the morning by stopping by bittersweet and getting some french pastries for breakfast. (yes, pastries. as in the plural form of the word, not the singular. you have to have multiple french pastries if you're going to have any at all.)

my desire for french things was further fueled after watching kings of pastry friday night. one of the chefs featured was jacquy pfeiffer from the french pastry school here in chicago. i cannot believe the art they are able to make using only confectionery ingredients. it's really amazing.

who knows where this french mood will take me this week. hopefully somewhere delicious.

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