Thursday, August 4, 2011

bread with a side of soup

it's august. although the temp outside has cooled to a welcoming 80 degrees, my non-air conditioned apartment is still considerably toasty. so then why did i have hot soup for dinner? i blame anthony bourdain..

earlier this summer i read kitchen confidential and absolutely loved it. i've been a fan of tony for years but had never read any of his books. he's so crass, so honest. i love it. if you're interested in the goings-on in the kitchen world (and you don't mind profanity), then you should read his first book. it just reaffirmed my belief that chefs are total badasses.

"a day in the life" was by far my favorite chapter. i so wish i was one of those hard-core individuals who could survive the kitchen culture tony describes in his book. i wish i was that badass. to be honest, i'd probably end up in the corner of the walk-in, curled up in a ball, eating my own hair.

back to soup..

last week i started reading his tony's book a cook's tour (borrowed from my lovely local library). on the train home from work tonight i was reading about tony's visit back to the small french town where his aunt and uncle lived, where he and his brother spent their summers growing up. over and over again he referenced the thick, crusty, rustic bread they enjoyed as children. oh man, it sounded so good; i had to get me some. all i could focus on once i stepped off the train was getting my hands on some crusty bread. and we all know that soup is a wonderful counterpart to crusty bread. or wait, is crusty bread a wonderful counterpart to soup? you're supposed to focus on the soup, right? well i like to focus on the bread.

the bread may have been from the bakery at jewel and the soup may have been from a can, but it was still a nice dinner. even if it's technically still hot outside.

on another tony note, have you seen the elBulli episode of no reservations yet?? it's amazing. during their meal i found myself slowly leaning closer and closer to the television, enthralled by the food ferran adria has dreamed up. he's a character. thank goodness for creative people.

oh, and seeing jose andres together with tony was hilarious. you have to read their one-liners. go do it.

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