Wednesday, March 23, 2011

things that make me happy: milwaukee

the more i visit milwaukee, the more i like it. granted, i've only been there twice; both times in the spring and both times i've only been downtown and closer to the lake. regardless, my affection is growing.

last wednesday, i drove up for the day. i had a couple presentations for work and my free time was limited, so i tried to make the most of it. i had to stop by and visit the calatrava designed art museum. and alterra was definitely a must. i actually went to two different cafes, the cafe in the 5th ward and the repurposed river flushing station by the lake. 

i spent some time driving around the 3rd ward trying to find a cafe or restaurant for a late lunch. (normally when i travel i'm prepared with a list of food places but this time i decided to wing it.) luckily, i found the coquette cafe. later on i found out that my friend allie has been there before and it has her approval. lovely! i enjoyed a quick, delicious, solo lunch and had the place to myself. seriously, nooo one else was there. (well, it was 2:00pm after all.) before i left i stopped by the milwaukee cupcake company which is right next door to the cafe. 

the weather couldn't have been more perfect and spring-like. it was wonderful. 

milwaukee, you're pretty great. i can't wait to visit again.

p.s. sorry for the link overload. sometimes i over do it.

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