Saturday, October 30, 2010

things that make me happy: black and white horror movies

i always forget that my roommate and i get turner classic movies. i'm not sure why. it must be my old age..

this weekend tcm is showing old black and white horror movies and i'm having a hard time watching anything else. today they are showing the horror films of william castle. to be honest, before today i had never heard of william castle but he was a very prolific movie director and producer who focused on the horror/thrill genre. he was particularly known for using gimmicks in his movies and to promote his low budget movies.

i just finished watching "homicidal" and now we're on to "mr. sardonicus". i'm always surprised that these old horror movies are so good! i mean i know they're classics for a reason, but sometimes the effects are so obviously fake, it takes away from the movie. so far the movies i have seen have not been diminished by poor effects. i have found myself on the edge of my seat with my hands covering my mouth, eyes wide, waiting for something dreadful to happen, and then screaming aloud once something dreadful does happen! it's great!

"strait-jacket" is next!

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