Wednesday, September 15, 2010

out of no where.

i had so many grand food plans for this week. to prepare, i went to the farmer's market with my friend hannah on saturday. it was rainy and wonderful. i got tomatoes and swiss chard and peaches and apples and basil and onions and shallots. i was going to make roasted garbanzo beans with swiss chard. i was going to make a fresh caprese salad. i was going to bread some tilapia and sauté some peppers. i was going to make another spinach salad with feta and oranges. i was going to make linguine with tomato-almond pesto.

i was going to wow my taste buds and try some new things.

but sunday night, my allergies hit me. out of no where. i should have known, though. this always happens to me the second week of september. this week i haven't been able to smell or taste. i can hardly concentrate at work. i have no appetite. for lunch every day i've had pb&j. for dinner i've had ramen noodles. i don't eat breakfast. i have my coffee and just work until around 1:30pm i think to myself, "oh, i should probably eat something.."

needless to say, i haven't used any of my wonderful produce or come up with anything creative in the kitchen. my peaches are starting to get mushy. my chard is starting to go brown. my tomatoes aren't going to last much longer. so far my basil has held up, so at least i have that going for me.

i'm frustrated. i hate letting perfectly good produce go to waste. i absolutely hate it! i'm hoping that tomorrow i'll feel better so i can at least make something. even if i just make the pesto and save it for the weekend, i'll be happy.

as for now, i'm ignoring my own kitchen in favor of the kitchen featured on the top chef finale. bring on the chefs!

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