Saturday, August 28, 2010

it's that time of year..

no i'm not talking about back to school. no i'm not talking about end of summer cookouts. and no i'm not talking about the need to bake something involving blueberries, raspberries or strawberries.

i'm talking about a book. ever year about this time, i reread pride and prejudice. this may seem somewhat silly, but i can explain.

when i first read pride and prejudice, it was right before my 21st birthday and i was the same age as elizabeth bennet. because of this i've always had an emotional attachment to lizzy. she's so strong and knows what she wants. she's not afraid to speak her mind, even if she should hold her tongue. she's very no nonsense. and she's quite fond of walking. if she were a real person, i believe we would be kindred spirits.

and of course there's mr. darcy. how can you not love mr. darcy??

(side note: if you're very much into p&p, i would recommend pamela aidan's trilogy retelling the classic story from mr. darcy's point of view. it is brilliant.)

therefore, in case it wasn't already apparent, pride and prejudice is my favorite book. so i reread it every year before my birthday.

earlier this year i lent my copy of p&p to my cousin and she still has it. since i couldn't not read my own worn copy, i went to the local library. oh how i love the library.

even though this is my fourth time reading pride and prejudice, i still get caught up in the story like it's my first time. jane austen's sense of humor is wonderful. i especially love the quips mr. bennet has to share. i find myself laughing aloud many times. those who say that jane austen writes stuffy, boring, english romance novels hasn't truly given her a shot. they don't now what they're missing.

again, i ask you, how can you not love this book??

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