Friday, June 18, 2010

the beginning, sort of

welcome, dear friends, and thank you for joining me as i officially launch this puppy.

this may be my first official "public" blog, but it is not my first forray into the world of blogging or journaling. for as long as i can remember i've kept a journal. i have stacks and stacks of diaries and journals taking up space in my parents' house. it's kind of ridiculous actually. but i love rereading what i wrote years ago and reliving moments i have completely forgotten about. my journals are so precious to me.

my love of journaling has also spilled over to the cyber universe. i tend to be wordy and my hand-written journal entries were becoming a hassle. in 2004 i started an online journal to keep track of my thoughts and the events of my life. i still use it to keep track of my life.

so why am i starting this particular blog?

i am a very creative person. i am inspired by many things: architecture, design, music, art, food, books, travel, completely random stuff. i wanted to have a space where i could keep track of these things.

hence, this blog.

so again, i say welcome! let the games begin.

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